Friday, September 16, 2011

Found functional space

Sometimes, space is at a premium, and functional space is even harder to find. Sometimes, you have to create your own space.  Space with function.  Space with a purpose.   Last week, we did just that.

On the second floor we had a stretch of bare wall space between the kids' bedrooms and the bathroom.  That space was begging for a function so I gave it one: it's now the hoodie capital of the house. 

The Big Guy hung six hooks: three sports ball hooks for the Little Guy and three flowers for Little Miss. They are at the perfect height for little hands to grab a jacket and go.

My hope is that even though this area is not by an outside door, the kids' hoodies and tote bags will make their way here at the end of each day.  That way, when we are rushing out the door in the morning, tote bags and jackets are right there.  The kids can find what they need, grab and go. 

It is also my hope that this will help teach responsibility and underscore the importance of putting things back where they belong.  It's a very important space!

For now, the map is there just for kicks.  But later, once I allow them to venture out on their own and maybe even cross the street without me, they'll check this map to plan their trip.  Because the world is a very big space. 

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