Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My competition

The library cupcake decorating contest was divided into three groups: adult, teens, and kids 12 and under.  When I first got there, this was the only other cupcake in the 'adult' category:

It was cute, but I thought that my ingenious rose-butterfly combo could take it, especially since I put it on a darling cake pedestal:

That is, until all the other adult entries started arriving.  Then I realized I was toast.  Toast!

The middle of this sunflower is an Oreo cookie! Isn't that awesome?

This one, titled "Butterfly Garden in the Spring" or some such blabber, was the winner for the adult category. 

Really, though, I think the winner was this 3-D fondant fairy. 

Judging from the audience's reaction at the announcement, everyone must have thought the fairy was the clear winner.  It really was a beautiful piece of work made by a very talented food crafter.  Too bad the judges didn't appreciate it as much as the audience did.  As it was, the actual winner of the adult category didn't even stick around for the outcome of the contest.  Shame! 

I'll have the teen entries for you tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Personally, i think the fairy is kind of creepy. Like, fine, if you want a tcotchky, but too wierd to eat. I think your frosting roses are beautiful, this one is no exception. And I also think the one that won was a bit much. Maybe I'm just out of touch. L

Tom said...

I like the creativity in your rose-butterfly combo. I'm not convinced the best cupcake won... I'm a sucker for Oreos! I think that would have stolen my vote.

I will say this. I look forward to your cupcakes every time I visit! I'm pretty sure I don't exhale until I see a full cupcake tree on the table.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

L-but I thought you loved fairies?!? ;) But it's nice to know I would have gotten your vote. Thanks, L!

And Tom, if you want to continue eating cupcakes from me, then you need to vote for MY cupcake whenever I enter a contest! It's a rule, just like the 10% rule. And you know how much I love rules. :) lol