Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter eggs

We dyed Easter eggs the other night. It was nothing fancy, no marbelizing or painting.  We didn't even use a white crayon...well, mainly that was because one wasn't included with the kit.  We simply got out six mugs and put eggs into the red, orange, yellow, teal, blue and purple dyes. 

MOM2 was on hand to help us out.  She came up with a true purple egg when she first dyed it red, and then put it in the blue bath for a while.  We also got a bright kelly green egg with the double-dipping method.  

Otherwise, there was really no difference between the purple and blue dyes, which was a bit disappointing.  And the red never seems to get bright red.  Next year, I might add a bit of food coloring to increase the red color.

The Little Guy was quite involved in the process, and when they were all done, he insisting on smelling them.

The still-wet dye gave him a bright green moustache.  

Fun times! From the TMI household to yours, have a very happy (and hoppy) Easter!

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Teryn J. said...

For a REALLY good red, you can use a commercially available Greek red dye, which you can get from speciality shops, like a Greek grocery. I stocked up one season for my own dyeing purposes because a really good red is so hard to get when it comes to dyeing yarn. I imagine you could use the Wilton reds, too, for eggs. And, while i liked the idea of these really naturally-dyed red eggs, I liked what she did with the leaves more! Thought you would, too.