Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bread mystery

So I made some bread, and it turned out like this:

WTH??  It was a short and squat loaf and it just wouldn't rise.  Seriously, I gave it OVERNIGHT to rise, and it did nothing.  The obvious theory would be that I forgot to put in the yeast, but that's always my first step I do, just so I don't forget to put in the yeast.  A reasonable follow-up theory might be that the yeast was old, but that wasn't the case either. 

My current working theory:  I might be cursed.

Even though it was quite dense, the bread tasted okay once it was toasted and smothered with butter and honey. 

I made another batch of bread a few days later, and everything turned out fine.  So, no verified curse, but there's still a mystery afoot.  What happened to make the bread so flat?

I welcome your theories, conspiracy and otherwise, as to why and how this happened. 

In other news, it might be time for a new toaster.


Anonymous said...

Bread can end up flat if the water to flour ratio is off -- that is why the "same" recipe sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Try reducing the water by 1 tablespoon and see what happens. From your friendly theology dept chair

Amanda said...

Thanks, friendly theology dept. chair! ;) I will be more careful with my measurements next time. I guess I should stop drinking when I bake bread, huh? lol