Monday, April 25, 2011

Martha Monday--Spring cleaning

While it doesn't feel like spring in north-central Illinois, I am on spring break so it's time to get down with spring cleaning. Martha has a lot of information on spring cleaning:  a list of spring-cleaning basics, 10 clever cleaning tricks, spring-cleaning organizing tips, and essential spring-cleaning tools.

Let's be clear, while I'll have the time to clean the entire house this week, I don't have the energy or the inclination.  I'll use what energy I do have for a few critical areas: the master bathroom (I hope to get it painted in the next few months), the basement (I'm only half-way ready for a summer yard sale) and the kitchen (with two small children, you can imagine how sticky the cabinets and handles are).  With any luck, I'll get the Easter decorations put away this week, too. 

How do you spring-clean?  Or do you just say "to hell with it!" and eat bon-bons instead?  Because I could really go for some bon-bons right about now!

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