Friday, November 5, 2010

A Victoria's Secret Giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's celebrate with a small giveaway here at The Martha Initiative.  I'm giving away two fun coupons from Victoria's Secret! One is for a free Lacie Thong (up to $12.50 in value with no purchase necessary) plus $10.00 off of a bra (valid November 2-29, 2010).  The second coupon is for a free tote filled with beauty goodies with any $60 purchase, valid only on November 26, 2010. 

Small confession:  I got these coupons in the mail early this week, and since I am old and set in my ways, I have no plans to step inside a Victoria's Secret store anytime soon.  Additionally, and this may be too much for my more sensitive readers, thongs are just not for me.  Unless Martha Stewart wears them.  In which case, I'm all about the thong.

That said, let me give these coupons away to one lucky reader! 

To enter, become a follower of the blog and a fan on facebook by noon on Sunday, November 7, and then give me a shout on facebook to let me know that you want to be entered in the drawing.  That's it!

Oh, you're already a follower and a fan? No worries! Just give me a shout and let me know.

Oh, you don't want to advertise to everyone that you want to win a free thong from Victoria's Secret?  It's okay, I totally understand.  Just send me an email.  The address can be found on my profile.

To review: 
1. Become a follower of the blog.
2. "Like" The Martha Initiative on facebook.
3. Leave a message on my facebook wall that you'd like to be entered into the drawing.

I'll have the Little Guy draw a name at random on Sunday at 12:30pm sharp.  Good luck and happy shopping!

Disclaimer: this giveaway is not endorsed or sponsored in any way by Victoria's Secret. They're still mad at me from years ago when they asked me to be a Victoria's Secret model and I turned them down to live this glamourous life instead.  Bwahahahahaha!  Good one, Amanda, good one.  Seriously, I got the coupons by being on their mailing list, and since I won't use them I'd like to give them away to someone who will. 

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

hehe too funny... love the disclaimer about why victoria's secret is mad at you... :P