Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breaking the rules

I have a rule that no Christmas decorations go up at my house until after Thanksgiving.  Halloween is such a big deal, as is Christmas, that Thanksgiving sometimes doesn't get its due.  This is especially true in stores, where Christmas decorations are put out earlier and earlier each year.  I rebel against this each November in my house by keeping the tree, the lights, the trimmings and trappings all tucked away in storage until Thanksgiving is over, and by shaking my fist at those who dare to start on Christmas before they've had their turkey.

So you can imagine my husband's surprise on Sunday morning when I told him, "Let's put out the lights."

A few hours and some swear words later, and it was done. The lights are up.  And on.

I fretted about this decision for days.  After all, my ideal time for putting out the lights is right after Thanksgiving.  However, this holiday is an especially busy one for us this year.  We have two Thanksgivings to attend, one to host, and a day planned for downtown touristing.  By my calculations, we just don't have any time this weekend to tackle the outside lights, and putting them up later would only set the indoor decorating spree back a weekend or two.  Which would cut into my shopping time.  And wrapping.  And baking.  And crafting.  And more baking. 

So, I had to rebel against my own (very good) rule, and get a jump start on Christmas by getting the outside lights up.  You understand, right?

I am keeping with my rule in some small way at least.  See the wreath on the door?  It's an autumn wreath featuring leaves and pumpkins.  It clearly says "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Of course, it's smack in the middle of two small potted Christmas trees that flank the front door. 

I might be sending mixed messages.  But I swear to you, inside my house, it is all about Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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