Monday, September 27, 2010

Martha Monday--Gearing up for cold weather

Last Friday, the mittens came out, as did fall jackets and all the hoodies one household can handle.  With temps in the 80-90 range last week and 60s forecasted for this week, I'd say that the autumn season has definitely arrived in the Midwest.   This year, I'd like to stay organized so our two entryways (one to the house, and the one from the house to the garage) do not become a jumble of outerwear, boots and mismatched mittens and gloves. 

Naturally, Martha has some ideas.  I like this for the front entryway:

I wouldn't put the hooks on the walls (it looks too informal to me) but I like the bench so that guests can sit comfortably while they take off and put on their shoes and boots.  I'd do only one or two bins for Barley items and umbrellas. 
And this is the solution I like for the mudroom:

I like the idea of everyone having their own separate bin for hats, gloves and scarves.  And wet mittens could be attached to the outside of the appropriate bin with clothespins for quicker drying time.  A few hooks along the wall for additional coat storage, even though the mudroom has a coat closet, probably wouldn't hurt.

That's my Martha Monday.  I need to institute a "Get It Done Tuesday." 

Have a wonderful week!

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