Monday, January 4, 2010

Martha Monday--Cleaning supplies

Martha has come out with a whole line of eco-friendly cleaning supplies called Martha Stewart Clean.   She featured the products on her blog just before Christmas, and now they are available for order through her website

The Martha Stewart Clean line contains fabric detergent, fabric softener, dishwasher detergent, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and more.  It's my understanding that Home Depot will carry this line, but I have yet to see it on their website or in the store. 

So until then, I'm relying on the Little Guy to keep the house clean.

We got him a child-size Dyson for Christmas.  I think it's best to teach kids housekeeping skills nice and early, don't you?  That has got to be a good thing!


Lovemonger said...

The Little Guy's vacuum is both cuter and more high tech than mine. Maybe next year I will get a new vacuum? (Hint, hint.)

frugalsuz said...

How adorable!

Janitorial Supplies said...

Martha Stewart and cute kids in one article. Amazing!