Wednesday, May 16, 2012

$5.00 art

There's a thrift store in town that I like to frequent: Thrift & Dollar. They have a variety of stuff from high-end antiques to everyday thrift items.  Each time I shop there, I make sure to stop by the $5.00 art section to see what they have. There are nice painting (for nice chunks of money) throughout the store, but I've found several nice treasures in the $5.00 section.

Lots of the prints in the $5.00 art section are nicely framed and protected by glass.  This reprint of "Home for Thanksgiving" by Grandma Moses is over the doorway that leads from the kitchen to the dining room. It's not the best place for picture-viewing, but it livens up the space.

This nice oil? acrylic? (whatever, I don't know anything about art) painting has a nice gold frame. It hangs in the half bathroom.  Because I support art.  Especially in the bathroom.

This painting is called "Best Friends." I put it in the hallway leading to the kids' room because, at this stage in their lives, they really are best friends.

The picture came matted, framed and covered in glass, which is a huge deal for $5.00.

Little Miss has been the beneficiary of several of my $5.00 art finds.  I like her room to have a flowery/feminine feel, so these Monet-ish paintings were a perfect fit:

Though it's hard to tell in the one below, it is a scene of several Victorian-ish women lounging outside, some of them napping.  I hope this inspires Little Miss to continue her naps for the next year or two.

Both of those paintings are in the corner of her room with the glider. 

Finally, this last piece was a huge find, especially since it was only $5.00.  I found this great gold-framed mirror and hung it at just the right height for Little Miss. 

This might be the best $5.00 I've ever spent.


Deena the Awesome said...

May I just say that Little Miss's dress is AWESOMELY ADORABLE and she should wear it every day. That is all.

Amanda Grant said...


lolz. thanks for the comment! even though you are a bad influence on Little Miss. :)