Monday, April 9, 2012

Manda Monday--Summer courses at Waubonsee

I have a full roster of classes at Waubonsee Community College this summer...some are old favorites, but we've added two new classes to the mix.  Here's what I have in store for you this summer at WCC:

Coupon Mastery

Master couponers are able to cut their grocery and drug store bills in half and obtain products for free! You can too! Become a master shopper with knowledge of the how, where, and when of serious couponing. Learn the rules for spotting the best deals in stores; pairing coupons with sales, rebates, and customer loyalty programs; and using the best coupon web sites. Join shopper Amanda Grant (that's me!) in pursuit of the perfect balance of efficient and ethical couponing techniques.

Section One:  at the Sugar Grove campus, June 21-July 5, 7:30-9pm.  Cost: $29.00
Section Two: at the downtown Aurora campus, July 9-23, 7:30-9pm.  Cost: $29.00

Live Well, Spend Less!

Join instructor Amanda Grant (yours truly!) to collaborate and share great ways to experience ''the good life" on a tight budget. Amanda believes you can spend less and still live well. Find out how! Get ready to give and receive leads, tips and sources for exciting free or low cost entertainment sources, tips and recipes for succulent meals on just pennies, hip fashion-forward clothing at a fraction of retail cost, and even bartering/trading for goods and services. The group's best ideas will appear on Amanda's blog, "The Martha Initiative." (which is what you are reading right now...mind = blown!)

at the Plano campus, July 19-August 2, 7:30-9pm.  Cost: $29.00

Blogging Boot Camp  (NEW!)

Blogging does not come naturally to everyone - don't be intimidated - be outstanding! Discover best practices and tools and techniques for creating an effective online presence. Find out how to use blogging techniques, learn the critical elements of every blog, and how to make a good blog entry even better. Note: Novice and experienced bloggers welcome.

at the Sugar Grove campus, July 14 (Saturday), 9am-12pm.  Cost:  $39.00

Facebook 101 (NEW!)

Facebook is everywhere, but do you ever feel like maybe it?s not all that clear to you? Discover the simple tools you need to reconnect, keep in touch, and have a presence on the web without the necessity of building a website. You?ll learn the tools necessary to help you become a networking socialite. Note: Beginner and experienced Facebook users welcome.

at the Sugar Grove campus, June 18-21, 2:30-4pm.  Cost:  $39.00

Online Social Networking for Beginners

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and more - these forms of online social networking can be both exciting and intimidating for beginners. Learn the basics of each program and application and how to apply them to your life for job searches, reunions with old friends, communication with loved ones, and creative self-expression. Online social networking has its own etiquette, language, and pitfalls - we'll explore how to use the various forms safely and effectively.

at the Sugar Grove campus, July 19-July 10, 7:30-9pm.  Cost: $39.00

Online Social Networking Continued

Gain confidence and skill with social online networking! Continue to develop the skills you learned in the beginner class. Further instruction and practice will increase your ability to apply and adapt online networking into your life for communication with loved ones, creative self-expression, and job searches.

at the Sugar Grove campus, July 17-31, 7:30-9pm.  Cost: $39.00

Interested in any or all of these classes?  Begin the enrollment process here.  I hope to see you in class soon!

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