Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring dreaming on such a winter's day

It's been a cold, yet relatively snow-less, winter here in Aurora. Though that changed late last night and early this morning with 4+ inches of the white stuff.  No matter, though. My thoughts have been less on the brown grass and white snow, and more on the colorful garden I want in my backyard for this spring, summer and fall. 

Planning for this garden began last year, in the midst of last year's garden adventure. As I was growing and tending, I was thinking about what else I wanted to try.  And I'm happy to report that Little Guy has been planning right along with me.  We read gardening books and magazines, pore over the vegetable pictures, and pick what new things we'd like to plant. It's been a lot of fun!  We are particularly excited about planting eggplants and potatoes this year, just so you know.

I've gotten a few seed/plant catalogs in the mail, but so far the Seed Savers Exchange has been my favorite. They have a great variety of heirloom and organic seeds, with beautiful pictures and detailed instructions for all the seeds and plants they offer. You can request your catalog here. I've ordered several packets of seeds, including Detroit Dark Red beets, King of the North peppers, and Dragon carrots. I can't wait to get them started!

My Stark Bros. catalog was also a welcome sight for my winter-weary eyes. You can request your copy here. Stark Bros. is located in Missouri, and they offer great fruit and nuts trees, as well as some garden and landscape ornamentals.

Last year we planted six dwarf fruit trees in the backyard; this year, I'd like to add two more apple trees.  If I could figure out how to fit some cherry and paw paw trees in my yard, then I'd order those as well.  I might experiment with some citrus trees this summer, keeping them trimmed and in containers so they could be moved indoors in the fall. 

This Meyeri Lemon tree looks like fun:

As does this Valencia Orange:

I'm sure I'll be making at least one order to Stark Bros. and Seed Savers in the next month or so, and when my favorite local nursery (Spring Bluff in Sugar Grove) puts out their seedlings, I'll get some there as well.

So while it's cold and snowy outside, I am quite content to curl up with my seed and plant catalogs. Spring will be here before I know it, and I want to be ready!

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